Owner's Engineering Services

Investors are now buying into projects pre-construction and taking a 30 or 40 year investment horizon. Under the traditional Turnkey EPC model, these projects are delivered by a Contractor tied in to a 2 or 3 year performance contract. As projects are generally won on cost, these contractors are under extreme competitive price pressure.

To date issues on projects often have their origins in poor design or poor implementation and by the time they are addressed (generally after construction is finished), they can be impossible to resolve cost-effectively.

Skyray helps mitigate risks to long-term investors by providing detailed design reviews and Owner’s Engineering and Construction Management Supervision of projects. We do so using our hands on experience across GWs of projects. We offer:

Procurement and tender support: Helping Clients specify, qualify and select the right contractors and components.

Design review: For projects where a Client is working with a main Contractor and wishes to ensure that the design supports their long-term goals.

Owner’s Engineering services: Applying experienced personnel to manage construction contracts on behalf of Clients and to ensure that the projects are built in accordance with their designs as well as local industry standards.

Mike Carter – Head of OE Services – notes: “As a former MD of an EPC I understand the pressure there is to deliver at least cost against a given 2-3 year PR figure. As an advisor to some of the largest investors in the world I understand the need to deliver long-term high-quality infrastructure assets. Through Skyray I hope to better align the two

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