Independent site services

Skyray deploys effective and experienced local site managers to ensure that projects are built safely, to specification and with the care required when a project can be made up of millions of separate components.

Small details – big issues: Although much of the focus is on the major components, in solar PV the details matter. The Skyray team has regularly seen sites with the same major components delivering completely different levels of performance, due to large part as to how the details are managed. Robust quality management and site inspection and testing procedures are essential, particularly given that any issues missed during PAC, IAC and FAC phases become the owner’s responsibility to resolve.

Contractor conflict-of-interest – Contractors who have built a project have a clear conflict of interest when assessing the performance of that project at commissioning. Independent testing removes this conflict of interest and allows more thorough review and challenge.

Operational issues often arise with O&M contractors often not best placed to investigate major issues with performance and manage major refits, repairs and repowering.

We offer:

  • FAT – Factory Acceptance Tests

  • PAC, IAC & FAC – Commissioning and performance testing (IEC 62446)

  • Operational phase

Alain Jolly – Site Lead notes “site testing and commissioning isn’t difficult – it just needs to be done properly, helping to provide the right level of challenge and review

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