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Elevate Your PV Plant Performance with Skyray’s Comprehensive Analysis

In today’s rapidly evolving energy sector, the performance of your Photovoltaic (PV) Plant is paramount. Skyray offers an exhaustive analysis service tailored to dissect and enhance your plant’s operational efficiency. Our unique approach not only identifies underperformance and issues but also paves the way for substantial improvements.

What We Offer:

1. Initial SCADA Analysis:

Dive deep into the heart of your PV plant’s monitoring system. Skyray’s expert team conducts a thorough review of the SCADA system to ensure optimal performance. Our method includes:

  • System Availability Verification: We scrutinize the SCADA system’s overall availability, pinpoint gaps, and identify potential downtimes, focusing on the inverter level.

  • Underperformance Identification: Areas of underperformance at the inverter level are meticulously analyzed. If necessary, a deeper dive into string-level data is conducted.

  • Component Review: A critical assessment of main components to identify any that are disconnected or not performing to standards.

  • Issue Documentation: A comprehensive list of identified issues is prepared, facilitating targeted site inspections.

2. Basic Performance Analysis

Leveraging historical data since the project’s inception, Skyray conducts a comparison against forecasted irradiation using advanced tools like onsite pyranometers and SolarGis time series. This analysis covers:

  • Energy Output & Availability: Examination of net energy output and system availability, including any material interruptions reported in O&M monthly reports.

3. PR Test Report:

A meticulous recalculation of contractual Performance Ratio (PR) to spot deviations from the EPC or O&M contract specifications.

Why Choose Skyray?

  • Expertise: Skyray brings unparalleled technical proficiency in PV plant performance analysis.

  • Comprehensive Approach: From initial SCADA analysis to PR test reporting, we cover every aspect of your plant’s performance.

  • Actionable Insights: Our deliverables include a performance dashboard that offers actionable insights for immediate implementation.

Required Inputs:

  • Full SCADA access over the analysis period.

  • O&M reports detailing PV plant availability


  • A Performance Dashboard that transforms data into actionable intelligence, enabling you to optimize your PV plant’s performance like never before.

Transform Your PV Plant’s Performance with Skyray’s Comprehensive Analysis.

Elevate your plant’s efficiency, output, and profitability by addressing underperformance at its root. Contact Skyray today to learn more about how our performance analysis can revolutionize your PV plant operations.